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Linda Everett

“My husband moved here from London, England in 1999 when we got married, and we recently reflected on how the weather and climate here in NJ has changed drastically in the 22 years we’ve been together. Back then he dreaded winter – ice storms, slush, snow – all new to him because London mostly just … Read More

Dylan Terpstra

“I am committing my life to civil service and as government administrators create the majority of rules and regulations in implementing legislation, I recognize the importance in maintaining a regard for the environment. Rutgers, if it is indeed revolutionary, should be at the forefront of this issue and lead as an example for other academic … Read More

Anna Agbotse

“I lived in Ghana for fifteen years before migrating to the United States. I never experienced winter or extreme cold nights prior to my migration. Back home, we never discussed the climate issues in my nation. Over the fifteen years I realized that gradually  the weather was becoming abnormally hot. As a public speaker and … Read More

Hannah Burke

“During my final semester at Rutgers I’ve been lucky to work as a research technician at the Haskins Shellfish Research Lab. Through the various projects conducted here, I’ve learned about the alarming threat that rising sea levels pose to New Jersey and all coastal communities. As a scientist, climate action is important to me for … Read More


“I am at the age where I am thinking of starting a family and I worry about the ethics of bringing a new life into a dying planet.” Mariel Rutgers Undergraduate and Graduate Alumna 

Johanna Cordasco

“Climate change is important to me because it affects us now and will affect the future generations to come. Our generation is pretty motivated to do things like recycle, re-use things, be vegetarian/ vegan, and thrift clothing instead of buying new, which is great to see. Personally I am vegetarian because of the effects on … Read More

Brian K. Everett

“Climate Change is especially important to me because if we just pay attention to the gardens on our campus or at our homes, we can see how existential of a crisis this is. We are losing many of our pollinators in rapid fashion, due to climate change and due to the choices we humans make … Read More

Gloria Bachmann, MD

“Like Jane Goodall, I have always been passionate about learning about our environment and the other creatures of the world we inhabit the Earth with, as well as doing everything I can to protect it. My first two jobs, while still in high school were one summer working for the NJ-Essex County Park Commission and … Read More

Skanda Rao

“As important as climate action is for preserving ecosystems, I think of climate change primarily in terms of how it affects people in terms of environmental justice and our rights to clean air and water. There has been a disconnect for a long time between environmentalists and workers who are often the first to be … Read More

Jake Lessing

“What motivates me to care about the environment? That initial seed was planted in my childhood. Some of my earliest memories are exploring the woods behind my childhood home in hopes of finding squirrels and deer. Another memory: Stealing an almost-dead African violet from my grandmother’s trash can and hiding it in my room until … Read More