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Sara Myers

“Several years ago I was hiking around a place called Mons Klint in Denmark. I was completely taken away by the beauty of it. I took so many pictures to share with my friends and family, but none of the pictures I took seemed to capture the beauty and the magnitude of the landscape just … Read More

Anjali Madgula

“Matthew Schneider-Mayerson, a professor of social sciences at Yale, says that we are at a point where literature that doesn’t include climate change in some way, shape, or form, “just isn’t reflecting the reality that we inhabit” and thus may have to be considered either historical fiction or other-worldly fantasy. As a literature student and … Read More

Tara Doherty

“I stopped eating meat two years ago because I care about animals and the environment! I feel good about my decision and rarely if ever feel like I’m making a sacrifice. I think everyone should try to reduce their meat consumption in some way! Any level of mindfulness in our consumption habits can help.” Tara … Read More

Elizabeth Taylor

“One story I can tell is about my undergraduate honors thesis in biology that studied the effects of ocean acidification and salinity stress on the growth and development of an invasive marine gastropod species Crepidula fornicata. This research experience spanned my last two years in undergrad and is what made me fall in love with … Read More

Katie Postle

“Since my first experience learning about the environment, sitting in an auditorium as a first grader, hearing about water waste and whales, I have cared about the environment. It was made clear to me then, that each person can, and has a responsibility to, do better when they know better. Climate education is extremely important … Read More

Javier Perez

“When I first joined the student government my sophomore year, I was excited to make a change. I met with administrators left and right, spitting out every idea I could muster. I wanted to change the way the parking permits worked and make the donation of meal swipes limitless. Maybe even make the plastic containers … Read More

Kyle Varellie

“Though I have always been concerned about climate change and the environment, my passion for climate change was not ignited until I came to Rutgers-Newark and gained a greater understanding of the Newark Water crisis. Prior to coming to Newark, I learned about climate change and the environment in my science classes and I had … Read More

Kristen Ryan

“I’ve had an appreciation for nature from the time I was old enough to hold a camera in my hands and know what to do with it. My father used to take me to Vermont and we’d go on hikes, marveling at the beauty of our natural surroundings and capturing the images to keep forever. … Read More

Swasti Jain

“As a sophomore in high school, I remember learning about the newly formed UN SDG’s. I became fascinated with their vision and hope for a more equitable and sustainable world. Soon after, I read about @Xiuhtezcatl’s environmental activism and Boyan Slat’s Ocean Cleanup project. I was deeply inspired because I knew that young people could … Read More

Holly Berman

“When I was taking exams to qualify for PhD candidacy in 2019, I had to write an essay describing what I saw as the top three most central issues in planning and public policy. When I was struggling with this question, I came immediately to climate change. Climate change is the central theme of my … Read More