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The President’s Task Force on Carbon Neutrality and Climate Resilience was created in September 2019 and charged with developing a comprehensive strategic climate action plan for the university, identifying both pathways to achieving carbon neutrality and ways to reduce the university’s vulnerability to climate impacts.

In June 2021, the Task Force presented its Climate Action Plan to President Jonathan Holloway. The task force’s final report and recommendations are the culmination of a nearly two-year effort by a universitywide group of faculty, staff, and students to develop a strategic plan for Rutgers to achieve carbon neutrality before 2041, Rutgers’ 275th anniversary, and helping achieve national net-zero greenhouse gas emissions no later than 2050.

On September 24, 2021, President Holloway announced that Professors Bob Kopp, Kevin Lyons, and Angela Oberg, the leadership team of the task force, will work with the support of the Office of University Strategy and lead the development of implementation plans for university climate action, create the systems to hold Rutgers accountable for its progress, and develop a permanent Office of Climate Action at Rutgers.