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Anna Agbotse

“I lived in Ghana for fifteen years before migrating to the United States. I never experienced winter or extreme cold nights prior to my migration. Back home, we never discussed the climate issues in my nation. Over the fifteen years I realized that gradually  the weather was becoming abnormally hot. As a public speaker and an activist I stand for many things that I either experienced or witnessed in Ghana. While I continue my activism in the United States, my horizon of matters has been expanded; climate change is a matter of immediate attention. I quickly realized that what I experienced in Ghana was a climate issue, and awareness needs to be raised. Climate change is important to me because it is the bridge between our generation and the next. This is what we can pass down to protect our loved ones and our planet, we need to get it right. Rutgers action on climate change has affected my life as a person and an activist. With the resources Rutgers puts out to educate their students, staff and communities I am able to speak boldly on personal and global changes for climate change. My climate hopes and dreams are to see everyone doing their part to make our world a better place to inhabit.” 


Anna Agbotse
Master Student at Rutgers University-Newark School of Public Administration and Affairs
University Senator and the student Ambassador for SPAA 2019-2020
Co-Chair for the Student Advisory Panel to the Climate Task Force
President of the Public Administration Graduate Association (Rutgers Newark SPAA)