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David Hughes

“For decades, scholars at Rutgers have generated and disseminated knowledge about the climate crisis and the energy transition away from fossil fuels. Now, it’s the Administration’s turn to put that … Read More

Dunbar Birnie

We need more solar power!! …. and more battery storage…. and more geothermal…. Lots of stories to tell in this zone…. Dunbar Birnie Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Bob Kopp

“Humankind is at a fork in its history. Figuring out how we are going to live sustainability on our planet is the defining challenge of the century. I believe our … Read More

Joyce Lu

“As a student of anthropology, I have learned to see the environment as social constructs, a product of our human imaginations and creations. What that means is that our imaginations … Read More

Jack Molenaar

“I’ve been working my entire career to make land use and transportation more sustainable. We need walkable communities and campuses.” Jack Molenaar Director of Transportation Services

Jake Siebert

“Some of my earliest memories revolve around days and nights spent hiking through the woods, fishing in lakes, and gathering around campfires. I grew up experiencing the outdoors firsthand, and … Read More