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Dunbar Birnie

We need more solar power!! …. and more battery storage…. and more geothermal…. Lots of stories to tell in this zone…. Dunbar Birnie Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Bob Kopp

“Humankind is at a fork in its history. Figuring out how we are going to live sustainability on our planet is the defining challenge of the century. I believe our species can have a bright and long future ahead of us – if we take action now to stabilize the climate and protect biodiversity. And … Read More

Joyce Lu

“As a student of anthropology, I have learned to see the environment as social constructs, a product of our human imaginations and creations. What that means is that our imaginations have material, physical effects on a world that we share with other non-human things and people that have different ways of imagining and creating the … Read More

Morgan Pesanelli

“I treasure time spent outdoors! Whether that’s kayaking, hiking, or watching my favorite band play at an outdoor venue. I work a 9 to 5 desk job, so it’s incredibly important for me to move my body and get fresh air during MY time. I’m grateful for: clean water, lush grass,  all the plants, and … Read More

Gabrielle Rosenthal

“When I started at Rutgers, I got involved in research on campus, and sought out opportunities to do work related to environmental conservation, from studying the impacts of wildfires on orangutans to working  on phytoplankton health and abundance in the rapidly changing Antarctic ocean. At the same time, I was involved with student organizations fighting … Read More

Jack Molenaar

“I’ve been working my entire career to make land use and transportation more sustainable. We need walkable communities and campuses.” Jack Molenaar Director of Transportation Services

Jake Siebert

“Some of my earliest memories revolve around days and nights spent hiking through the woods, fishing in lakes, and gathering around campfires. I grew up experiencing the outdoors firsthand, and that is where my desire to protect our climate stems from. Many of my favorite activities are threatened by the rapidly warming planet. How are … Read More

Stephanie Cruz, DVM

“As a mother, veterinarian, avid traveler and lover of nature, changes in climate are important to me as they affect all aforementioned loves of mine. Without ensuring reduction of waste, our ozone layer will continue deteriorating. I’ve already seen impacts of this on our food supply- it was extremely difficult to find fruits that are … Read More

Sara Myers

“Several years ago I was hiking around a place called Mons Klint in Denmark. I was completely taken away by the beauty of it. I took so many pictures to share with my friends and family, but none of the pictures I took seemed to capture the beauty and the magnitude of the landscape just … Read More

Anjali Madgula

“Matthew Schneider-Mayerson, a professor of social sciences at Yale, says that we are at a point where literature that doesn’t include climate change in some way, shape, or form, “just isn’t reflecting the reality that we inhabit” and thus may have to be considered either historical fiction or other-worldly fantasy. As a literature student and … Read More