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Nimish Patel

“My earliest childhood memories are about wide open spaces and nature. I grew up in Kenya and recall visiting game reserves and hiking in areas that had an overabundance of biodiversity and was always in awe of how these ecosystems operated. 

As part of the President’s Climate Action Taskforce, I had the benefit of hearing experts and gained more exposure to the complexities and actions needed on multiple fronts to address our collective challenge.

Last year, I joined other procurement leaders and professionals from across the world in a collective pledge to promote sustainable procurement practices. . The pledge has been adopted by over 1200 professionals and students across the world since its inception a year ago.

The Sustainable Procurement Pledge (SPP) is a pro-bono community of those committed to embedding sustainability into their procurement practices – and sharing knowledge and tools of how to do so.

‘We are concerned and care deeply about the future of our planet and its people. We believe in the necessity of leapfrogging the current efforts and in the power of the crowd to foster change. Because of the impact of Procurement decisions on a future sustainable planet, we pledge and commit ourselves to making sustainability the central mindset of our daily decision making.’”

Nimish Patel
Assoc. Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer