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Johanna Cordasco

“Climate change is important to me because it affects us now and will affect the future generations to come. Our generation is pretty motivated to do things like recycle, re-use things, be vegetarian/ vegan, and thrift clothing instead of buying new, which is great to see. Personally I am vegetarian because of the effects on the climate and the mistreatment of the animals themselves, and I like to use found objects in my artwork so that I don’t have to buy new things or create more waste. Also, this year I decided to focus more energy on using materials that do not harm the earth since a lot of the materials we have access to are not great for the earth, and also aren’t great for our personal health.” 

Johanna Cordasco 
Visual Arts major at Mason Gross School of the Arts, concentrating in sculpture
Psychology and Art History minor
Secretary, Mason Gross Student Government