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Brian K. Everett

“Climate Change is especially important to me because if we just pay attention to the gardens on our campus or at our homes, we can see how existential of a crisis this is. We are losing many of our pollinators in rapid fashion, due to climate change and due to the choices we humans make at the home improvement store. We are not planting the flowers that bees and butterflies need to survive, and in turn, they cannot grow our food. We are buying way too many poisonous chemicals to create green lawns, and in turn we are killing entire bee hives and eliminating the natural food sources for so many other helpful and beautiful insects and birds. My hope is that Rutgers University plants more pollinator-friendly plants so that Monarch butterflies can thrive in New Jersey, since our state is an essential migration corridor for the species. I also hope that we begin planting flowers that produce their own seeds, so that students can become more familiar with our state bird, The American Gold Finch.”



Brian K. Everett
Assistant Dean, RU Camden Honors College
PhD student, Public Affairs
Alum, Camden College of Arts and Sciences and the Graduate School – Camden
Staff Senator for the Camden, University Senate