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Linda Everett

“My husband moved here from London, England in 1999 when we got married, and we recently reflected on how the weather and climate here in NJ has changed drastically in the 22 years we’ve been together. Back then he dreaded winter – ice storms, slush, snow – all new to him because London mostly just gets rain (lots and lots of rain). I have to admit, we both prefer a mild winter from the standpoint of our own convenience, but the ripple effect of the warming trend is far-reaching and we cannot ignore how it impacts the rest of the world. Superstorm Sandy was a huge wake-up call, as it impacted us directly.

We do our best to minimize our own carbon footprint – we don’t eat meat, recycle as much as possible, try to re-use old materials in our creative endeavors, etc. But it often feels fruitless, especially during the 4 years of the current administration, systematically reversing or cutting back environmental protections and international agreements that were set in place to help slow the progression of climate change. 

Despite all that I do not feel hopeless. My daughter’s generation have proved themselves to be a caring and engaged cohort and I feel hopeful that the world will be in better hands in the coming years.” 

Linda Everett
Department Administrator, Pharmacology and Toxicology in the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy
Part of the Rutgers community for more than 20 years